by whiteblank

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released January 13, 2020

Written and produced by whiteblank.
Recorded and mixed by Enzo Dagostino at Studio Elia, Annecy.
Mastered by Fred Mott at conkretestudio.
Artwork by whiteblank.


all rights reserved



whiteblank Annecy, France

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Track Name: Out Of Tune
My guitar doesn't play on tune
Cause she doesn't want just to croon
She wants to groan, she wants to moan
And sing her tone in the microphone

And so do I...
And so do I...

My guitar doesn't play on time
Cause she doesn't want just to chime
She wants to breathe, she wants to feel
How it feels to be real

And so do I...
And so do I...
Track Name: Leitmotiv
It may just sound all the same
And soon you'll think it's fucking lame
There is so much you could blame
And there is nothing here to acclaim

But now it's nothing but pain
To hear this in vain
Just to hope for the refrain

Is there a place in your brain
That's still not insane
By this chord you're hearing again

The long awaited chorus
Makes you feel a bit more anxious
You thought it would be painless
To change everything but loudness
You'd like to hear it again...
But with sustain

It's back to the main theme
The same old one audio stream
You start to feel so serene
As it becomes like a routine

But there is one thing you fear
That it'll soon disappear
Leaving a drear tone in your ears

There isn't anyone near
For holding your tears
As it fades from your souvenir

And in the end of the verse
There is no way you could reverse
It is the biggest life's curse
But so is our universe
The only thing that remains…
Is sustain
Track Name: Time To Go
I remember now what the fox once said
Please be responsible for what you tamed
I should not have taken the other way
Cause now my rose seems so far away

I too am going back home today
Here it is let me go on by myself
You’ve got to understand it’s too heavy
I cannot carry this body with me

Now it’s time to go
Now it’s time to go alone
And through my blind eyes
I now see the essence
Of my own planned obsolescence

Now it’s time to go
Now it’s time to go alone
Now it’s time to go
Now it’s time to go alone

My sheep is ready and the engine blows
I feel happy to see again my rose
And all the secrets in the depth of my heart
Are filled with beauty then fall apart

And if you’re sad or just feel lonely
Look at the stars and count until three
In one of them I shall be living
In one of them I shall be laughing
Track Name: White Shadow
I've seen a white shadow
I've seen it bright
On a sunny night

I've seen a white shadow
I've seen its light
It was such a sight

Then through my eyes
I've seen the lies
And everything was a disguise
I've seen a white shadow
Or was it so?

If it's in my head
Inside my brain
If it's in my head
Will that be insane

I can't just feel
What is all for real
What is simply ill [it's in your brain]

Illusory is my reality
Am I still being me [it's in your brain]

What's out there
What do we stare
Kaleidoscopic psychosis
This magic trick is really amiss
I'm getting sick of this

If it's in my head [it's in your head]
Inside my brain
If it's in my head [it's in your head]
Will that be insane
Track Name: Even The Sun Goes Down
The time has come
The house is burning down
There's no way out
There's no need to shout

Nothing will last
It seems everything goes too fast
But the talk of the clock
Whispers its last tic toc

Today the sun is going down
Today the house is burning down
Today we're all going to hell
Today we have to bid farewell

It burns, it churns, it's my turn
It bursts the rust of my crust
I'm void, destroyed, an android
I'm falling and I'm drowning
Inside's outside unified
Clean light, so white, there's no night
Dissolved, absolved, I evolved
I'm nothing, I'm everything

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